Se7en Menu For TN-CEF! [Idea + support]

I've been working out with this Menu for TN CEF a few weeks ago but i didn't have enough idea on what suppose I use to start to. I've send Personal Message(PM) to Acid_Snake (pyMenu developer) and ask him about my projects. He said maybe his pyMenu source data can give me an idea to start to work out. I've create a Homebrew before but never published it so I though with my proper programming skills I can start to make a new Homebrew so that can make me more experience in the basic skills of PSP Device. I owned PSP since I was 12, and the first programming skill that I've learn is C++. That I was 12 but now I've control over 6 programming skill, Python[New], C++[Favourite;p], G+, SQL,  Html,  Lua, and etc.

  • Q : What is Se7en Menu?
  • A :  Se7en Menu is a Menu where it is a little bit same with pyMenu but the different thing is Se7en Menu were created by using C++ Coding. With this kind of menu you can use to customize your eCFW menu to random specific menu that you like. I will tell you more about Se7en background wallpaper. 

  • Q : Who is the one that develop Se7en Menu?
  • A : Of course the Se7en Menu developed by me @ 3/12/2012 , But before that, I want say thanks to Acid_Snake for pyMenu Source code. It make me a lot easier for creating this project. 

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