Monday, 26 September 2016

TheFloW has managed to modify the PS Vita’s PSP emulator, Coldbird taking over to port ARK eCFW to FW 3.60!

So a few days ago if you guys read a latest news at website, a famous PSP developer TheFlow managed to get full access to the PS Vita's PSP emulator which basically enable you to run any custom PSP content on your PS Vita build-in PSP emulator including emulator custom firmware eCFWs such as ARK and (theoretically) TNV.

He was searching for a proper person to take over the project, preferable a person who knows one or another thing about PSP exploiting, and it turns out that no one else than our good old friend Coldbird is going to take care of this!

Coldbird, already know for the Pro CFW for the actual Playstation Portable and the initial version of the vPRO eCFW for the PS Vita (nowadays called ARK), is going to take care of this project. The project involves porting the ARK eCFW to the most recent hackable PS Vita system software, which is version 3.60.

This will enable you to run your PSP game backups (basically ISOs & CSOs) via the HENkaku Homebrew enabler, and you won’t be required to buy any specific PSP game as an exploit title (you might need a random PSP game as base game).

ARK can be easily ported to version 3.60 since its source code is easily available and can be modified by anyone who might be interested in it. The other famous PS Vita eCFW, the TN-V eCFW, cannot be easily ported over, since its source code is not publicly available and the binaries of it have been encrypted, which makes reversing the code a long & hard process.

I would not hold my breath for the PSP XMB on firmware 3.60 if I were you.

Nonetheless, Coldbird is working on porting the ARK eCFW to system software 3.60, which will enable you to run your precious PSP games on your Playstation Vita (and VitaTV).

The last remaining emulator would be the PS1 emulator, but the current status of PS1 backup support is unknown.

With a bit of luck we will get (partial) PS1 backup support as well, depending on how successful the project turns out to be (ARK is capable of playing PS1 backups, albeit soundless).

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