Sunday, 4 September 2016


So its been a long day since I'm busy with my job and leave this blog alone I feel like kinda miss to post about new things that people don't know.

As the title say Henkaku was released on July 28, 2016 PS Vita 3.60 Exploit announced by Team molecule ( Yifanlu, Davee , Proxima, xyz) I know it was too late for me to tell you guys about this but for those you guys that still didn't update your PS vita to the latest firmware which I believe 3.61 .You guys are just lucky A** to try this native hack. For those who already update your PS Vita to the newest firmware I'm really sorry to tell you guys that this Henkaku will not work on 3.61!

So without wasting our time let's try and install this HENkaku for your Playstation vita now!

Reminder :

For those you guys that stay in the lowest firmware please listen. You guys should not update your PS vita to the newest firmware. Staying with the lowest firmware is the best option for now.

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