Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Release rinCheat : Cheat tools for PS Vita(Beta)

Developer Rinnegatamante released a plugin for PS Vita HenKaku rinCheat. as the name implies, rinCheat lets you create and run Cheat Code for your PS Vita games.

As the tittle shown this release of rinCheat currently in Beta.

rinCheat FEATURES :

(from the author)

  • Cheats Database support
  • Real-Time Cheats with a Stack searcher+injector
  • Screenshot feature with higher quality for any games
  • Clockage change
  • Decrypted savedata export/import
  • Stack dumping/restoring
  • Autosuspend hack to disable autosuspend feature of PSVITA
  • The developer also uploaded a fixed version overnight with the following changes:

  • Now the plugin will work fine for dumps using safe eboots.
  • Moved the folders usage from ux0:/plugins to ux0:/data/rinCheat (so db/screenshots/stack dumps).
  • Now decrypted savedata injection will work fine even for dumps using safe eboots.
  • Fixed the Cheats List, now it’s possible to scroll cheats.
  • Auto-suspend disabled hack now works fine on MMC games when a screenshot is going to be taken.

Download rinCheat (Beta) Here:

rinCheat Beta (Wololo.net sites)

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