Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Console That I Have :: Console Heaven!

  Well, In this post I will talk and share a little bit about my Console (" Also Known as My Wife Actually :P"). So lets get back in 2001, I owned an older console and that was the "PlayStation" >> Seriously? I never though that the console had an ugly graphic, bad games ever I played but I actually like it! But you all knows at that time I was a little and I don't know much, What? How? and was. . . .


In 2003, My father decided to bring me on to my local game store and he bought me PSOne, Latest than the PlayStation right? I fell very excited at that time and I bought 5 games along with the console and the game was : Resident Evil 2, Kamen Rider, Crash Bandicoot, Street fighter & Tekken. The console itself was pretty lite, Smaller than PlayStation and had the great gameplay . . What? Seriously, that time I was a little . .

In 2004, My Mom and My Dad decided to buy a new console for me and they bring me to the game store and bought me a Playstation 2 :: That just wow! I can't believe it ::  I really dream to owned a PS2 for a long time ago since the first day it was released. I was so happy that time, and I bought 10 games along with the console itself. I love my family soo much!

In 2008, After I got back from my camp activities with my teachers and my friends, My father pick me up from my schools and bring me to the game store. At the first time I just only think that he just want to buy a new games for me but behind that, He already pre-order a new Playstation Portable "Deep Red Limited Edition" for me. I really suprise that time. By that, I Bought 5 games along with the console itself  :).

In 2010, I owned a PSP Go "Piano Black" where I bought it with my own money, Yep! My own money. To be honest, At The first time I hold it I feel like "Oh my god? Is this the real tech ? The real Portable Console?" By that time also I ignore the PS3 because PSP Go price was Shi*, just adding $50 buck more in your wallet and you can get PS3 Slim. What a nerd of me ->.<'-. After a couple of month my dad bought a first model PS3 that cost him so much and that years I bought 2 console at the same time

Februari 6, 2012 : I owned the latest Sony Device that was the Playstation Vita >.< WOhoo" Feel very excited at that time. I bought First Started kit, Uncharted Golden Abyss + Disegea 4 along with console itself.

So that was my console. Feel great that I owned most of all Sony devices :D and i'm pretty sure that I will.Great console make us more experience actually.  Okey :: Well see you guys next time, Goodbye :)

My Other Console That I Didn't mention in the post :