Friday, 21 December 2012

PS Vita eCFW ARK Running On Firmware 2.02 By Virtous Flame

The new eCFW know as eCFW Ark by Virtous Flames. It is the same as eCFW 6.60 CEF TN. The Ark eCFW is a temporary custom firmware running in the PSP emulator on the PS Vita. Our Famous Developer Virtous Flame working hard to make the new eCFW Ark by new kernel exploit on the latest PSVita 2.02 firmware.

Here is a bit information about the new feCFW Ark by Virtous Flames


- Possibility to run an unsigned homebrew and modules
- Possibility to load Plugins
- Possibility to play backups ISO/CSO
- etc. . . .


Main Menu :

Backups ISO/CSO :

Emulators :

Plugins :

Videos eCFW Ark Running on Firmware 2.02 :

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