Saturday, 8 December 2012

[ Method !] Did you guys miss eCFW on firmware 1.81? Read This And Get eCFW For Your Vita!

Did you guys heard that the previous games exploit coming back on PSN? Well, This is suprise for those who are still on Firmware 1.81. Gravity Crash, Mad Blocker Alpha & Urbanix are back on PS Store so if you have enough fund on your wallet, better buys each one from this 3 games. I recommend that you guys better buy Mad Blocker Alpha because it cheapest than Gravity rush but don't forget also, Urbanix still free to get if you still have a redeem code for 2 free sony games offer [Urbanix+Jewel Keeper Easter Island]
Now, If you already bought each one of those 3 games, You need to follow this step :

  • Run Open CMA and connect your  PSVita to your PC. Open Content Manager on the Vita and when it asks you if you want to transfer content simply disconnect your Vita from the PC but with Content Manager still open.
  • Then, press OK and connect your Vita with your PS3, choose “Connect with a PS3 system” and the transferring screen should appear again.
  • Then, download the exploited game you want from the PS3 and download it but DO NOT INSTALL IT.
  • Choose copy content from the PS3 to the Vita, then go to Applications and PSP/Others.
  • Go to Applications downloaded from the PS3 and now select the game and copy it to the Vita.
  • Now download the Savedata (make sure to select the one for the game you chose), copy it with open CMA and you’ve got eCFW on your PSVita!

Note by wololo: it seems Charles proxy does not allow you to connect to the PSN anymore if you’re below 2.00. Please confirm this statement, or let us know in the comments if you managed to buy content from the PSN on 1.81 without the need for a PS3.

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys