Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PSP GO 6.60 Firmware [Hello World + HBL/vHBL]

About a few week ago, I've post on via Talk community about my crash Log that make me happy for a long time of finding savegame exploit. But's sadly, the game that give nice result of a crash log didn't available on PSN.  I've spend more than 5 hours to get it work and running for sure. Here is the screenshot of my work + Crash log  :

Okey for the real thing is, this crash was found by me [I'm Overflooow] and Proof-Of-Concept made by EPY. The sdk source by Jackson Zee and also big thanks to ProHacker254 that help me on how to - exploit hunting. Here is the original Hello World SDK made by Jackson Zee[Patapon 2 Source Code By Wololo] :


It is nice working together cause the more thing we don't know, the more thing we get. Fuhh! Before I end this post I want to tell you guys something that I have successfully ported HBL/vHBL on that Exploit Savegame :*. Thanls to wololo sdk! :

Image taken via PSP HBL screenshot[.png]