Monday, 26 September 2016

TheFloW has managed to modify the PS Vita’s PSP emulator, Coldbird taking over to port ARK eCFW to FW 3.60!

So a few days ago if you guys read a latest news at website, a famous PSP developer TheFlow managed to get full access to the PS Vita's PSP emulator which basically enable you to run any custom PSP content on your PS Vita build-in PSP emulator including emulator custom firmware eCFWs such as ARK and (theoretically) TNV.

He was searching for a proper person to take over the project, preferable a person who knows one or another thing about PSP exploiting, and it turns out that no one else than our good old friend Coldbird is going to take care of this!

Coldbird, already know for the Pro CFW for the actual Playstation Portable and the initial version of the vPRO eCFW for the PS Vita (nowadays called ARK), is going to take care of this project. The project involves porting the ARK eCFW to the most recent hackable PS Vita system software, which is version 3.60.

This will enable you to run your PSP game backups (basically ISOs & CSOs) via the HENkaku Homebrew enabler, and you won’t be required to buy any specific PSP game as an exploit title (you might need a random PSP game as base game).

ARK can be easily ported to version 3.60 since its source code is easily available and can be modified by anyone who might be interested in it. The other famous PS Vita eCFW, the TN-V eCFW, cannot be easily ported over, since its source code is not publicly available and the binaries of it have been encrypted, which makes reversing the code a long & hard process.

I would not hold my breath for the PSP XMB on firmware 3.60 if I were you.

Nonetheless, Coldbird is working on porting the ARK eCFW to system software 3.60, which will enable you to run your precious PSP games on your Playstation Vita (and VitaTV).

The last remaining emulator would be the PS1 emulator, but the current status of PS1 backup support is unknown.

With a bit of luck we will get (partial) PS1 backup support as well, depending on how successful the project turns out to be (ARK is capable of playing PS1 backups, albeit soundless).

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Release rinCheat : Cheat tools for PS Vita(Beta)

Developer Rinnegatamante released a plugin for PS Vita HenKaku rinCheat. as the name implies, rinCheat lets you create and run Cheat Code for your PS Vita games.

As the tittle shown this release of rinCheat currently in Beta.

rinCheat FEATURES :

(from the author)

  • Cheats Database support
  • Real-Time Cheats with a Stack searcher+injector
  • Screenshot feature with higher quality for any games
  • Clockage change
  • Decrypted savedata export/import
  • Stack dumping/restoring
  • Autosuspend hack to disable autosuspend feature of PSVITA
  • The developer also uploaded a fixed version overnight with the following changes:

  • Now the plugin will work fine for dumps using safe eboots.
  • Moved the folders usage from ux0:/plugins to ux0:/data/rinCheat (so db/screenshots/stack dumps).
  • Now decrypted savedata injection will work fine even for dumps using safe eboots.
  • Fixed the Cheats List, now it’s possible to scroll cheats.
  • Auto-suspend disabled hack now works fine on MMC games when a screenshot is going to be taken.

Download rinCheat (Beta) Here:

rinCheat Beta ( sites)

Sunday, 4 September 2016


So its been a long day since I'm busy with my job and leave this blog alone I feel like kinda miss to post about new things that people don't know.

As the title say Henkaku was released on July 28, 2016 PS Vita 3.60 Exploit announced by Team molecule ( Yifanlu, Davee , Proxima, xyz) I know it was too late for me to tell you guys about this but for those you guys that still didn't update your PS vita to the latest firmware which I believe 3.61 .You guys are just lucky A** to try this native hack. For those who already update your PS Vita to the newest firmware I'm really sorry to tell you guys that this Henkaku will not work on 3.61!

So without wasting our time let's try and install this HENkaku for your Playstation vita now!

Reminder :

For those you guys that stay in the lowest firmware please listen. You guys should not update your PS vita to the newest firmware. Staying with the lowest firmware is the best option for now.

Monday, 20 October 2014

PS Vita Hack! : Davee releases a Vita native exploit through WebKit

Famous ex-psp hacker Davee released yesterday a proof of concept exploit for the PS Vita, running through the webkit browser. (and yes, you get to try it, hold on!)
Davee came back to life a few weeks ago, releasing a framework to help with the development of exploits on ARM CPUs, through RO programming based hacks. It wasn’t long before he announced this exploit.
Now here’s the catch: in its current form, the exploit only runs on Vita firmware 2.60. Davee stated that it should be easy enough to port to other firmwares (there are a few entry point addresses to update, it seems), but it is extremely likely that it is patched in firmware 3.30. I have no full confirmation of that (although I did test), but my gut feeling tells me Davee would not release “just” a proof of concept if there was a possibility this could still be used on the latest Vita firmware. Yifan Lu stated that this might actually be the same exploit found by other people independently, that had been confirmed to be patched after firmware 3.18.

This confirms once again that people waiting for an exploit should stay on lower fiwmares as much as possible (says the guy who just updated to 3.30 yesterday…).

Give it a try

On firmware 3.30, unless I messed up some of my copy/paste, the hack fails at the very first step, which isn’t firmware specific. This indicates that the exploit is indeed patched on 3.30. Feel free to give it a try in particular if you are on firmwares 3.18 or lower. We’ll have more details on the exploit very soon!
Try the exploit on your PS Vita:

Update: many people are asking what the exploit should look like when it is “working”. The “full” proof of concept only works on 2.60, but on other firmwares, anything else than an error code is a good sign. For example, people on 3.18 and 3.20 report that the page stays there for a few seconds then reloads: this is a good sign.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Here are the deal from Sony! About 2.10 Firmware Update (Sony's Stability improvement)

As you all know the released of the latest Sony PS Vita firmware update(2.10) have blocked all the hacking content include open CMA. But this time come quite a few hidden surprises called "Stability improvement".
Sony have realise and slowing hacker down to make PSP EMU become harder. So far, we have discovered two big changes. But, as often, there is a way around them! :D
So, what are these changes? Lets see.


Some of the changes were discovered by Total_Noob, and appear to be attempts at preventing eCFW (and in this case, TN-V) from running, or, at least, make it more difficult.
You can see details in Total_Noob’s post here, where, according to his post, Sony has made yet another attempt to stop homebrew on the Vita.
It seems some critical parts of the memory have been made readonly, and the location of the flash files in RAM has been changed as well, but TN has managed to bypass all these measures. Note however that some of TN’s statements seem to have been contradicted by the fact that The Z was able to run VHBL on 2.10 on day 1, as stated by wololo here.

But one thing that is good for kexploits is that it apparently has become much easier to free up the extra 64 MB RAM that is available to the PSP emulator. This means potentially better homebrew support (in particular for very demanding homebrews such as DaedalusX64) in future eCFW releases.

VHBL and user-mode exploits in general

In addition to the ram changes stated above, it seems Sony has blocked write access to the ms0:/PSP/GAME folder on user mode exploits.

This means that none of the VHBL menus will be able to install homebrew without modifications on 2.10. Devs are currently discussing a new convention to see where VHBL should install its games moving forward.

This might also affect psp kernel exploits but that needs to be confirmed.

At the moment because it seems that the only VHBL menu that is still actively under development is pyMenu (and the soon to be released XMBM), the pyMenu team is busy at work adjusting the menu for the new path and a fix should be made available soon. (note from wololo: actually, wMenu was not being maintained because it did what it had to do, I might get back to work if it needs to be updated, don’t put me in the coffin yet ;) )

Overall these changes all look like half-assed efforts to slow VHBL and CEF down, but no real “anti-hack” measures in the PSP emu. It feels strange Sony would still put any huge effort in the PSP emulator, especially when they already have a reasonable way to stop most psp emu hacks today (by pulling the exploited games). It is however possible these are actually changes to increase psp games compatibility in the psp emu (and increase their selection on the PSN), with some side effects impacting our hacks.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013


News! PS Vita 2.10 firmware has been release. It now can be downloaded. Now sony had put some update to the latest firmware 2.10. Apache Overkill exploit have been blocked also :( . In the mean time, some reports are coming in that Open CMA is no longer work on 2.10 and above but it working on lower firmwares. Now sit tight, there's gonna be an upcoming news on this latest PS Vita Firmware Update .

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[New]PSP Vita HACK! TomTomDu80 VHBL for firmware 2.06 are coming soon!

Another News from that TomTomDu80 has confirmed he will be releasing his VHBL(Compatible with official firmware 2.06). The releasing will be as a Ninja Release as usual. What you need is just stick with sites and they will PM you the name of the game itself.

By this, you will need to purchase the specific games on the PSN.